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sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

Crear un motor Stirling

Este video es un gran trabajo por parte de un usuario en youtube cuyo nick es "myfordboy", en el cual va construyendo un motor Stirling casero paso a paso con materiales habituales y fáciles de conseguir, los planos para hacer los cortes en la madera se los pueden pedir directamente a el, al correo myfordboy@yahoo.co.uk

Los materiales utilizados son:

-1 Travel sweet tin, eat the sweets! The tin is 97mm diameter and 40mm high.
-150mm x 150mm of 3mm MDF or good quality plywood.
-3 3.2mm x 6mm long stainless steel Pop rivets. The aluminium ones aren't really suitable. I bought a packet of 10 from an Ebay shop for £1.30 including postage.
-Thin steel wire, about 1 mm diameter.
-1 Thin rubber glove.
-1 compact disc. A colourful one looks best.
-100x 200mm of 9 mm Balsa wood.
-4 small screws , these can be obtained from broken toys or calculators.
-2 small screws and nuts. (8BA or 2-56 or M2, depends where you live!).
-Cyanoacrylate glue. (super glue).
-Silicone sealer.
-PVA adhesive.
-Epoxy adhesive
-Cotton thread.
-Short piece of electrical cable.
-Adhesive tape.
-Thin steel wire, e.g florists wire.

For the burner you will need:
-Small glass bottle with metal cap. Look in the pharmacy. Mine had essential oil in it.
-Cotton String.
-Baked bean can.
-Copper wire.
-Plastic bottle top.
-3 woodscrews.
-3 screws and nuts.

Con un poco mas de tiempo traducire lo que se necesita.... =)


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